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Spare parts for excavating machines

Crawler mounted mining excavating machine.

Crawler mounted mining excavating machines are designed for mining and loading minerals and overburden rocks into means of carriage during open pit mining, as well as for excavator dumping, loading operations in warehouses, and for conveyor ore transportation.

Depending on a category of earth material being developed they make the earth without preliminary overburden operations or with them.

Excavating machines are produced with consideration for various climatic conditions. All the excavating machine assemblies are complete modules that make it possible to repair the excavating machines by means of module replacement.

The concept of the Crawler mounted mining excavating machines is as follows: they are rack crowded ones and have a double-beam arm.

The crawler mounted mining excavating machines are used for open pit mining in iron industry, in nonferrous-metals industry, in coal industry, in constructions materials industry, as well as for heavy construction of industrial enterprises and water projects in the ambient air temperature range - 40º to +40º С.

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