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Screw pile

Drawing number Name Tip diameter, mm Pipe diameter, mm Weight (tonnes) Q-ty  
Screw pile 325 405 0.250 т.

In the year of 2006, Metallist JSC mastered mass production of screw tips. A screw tip is a cone with a pointed end and blades of different diameters depending on design parameters.

The usage of the screw tips enables to reduce time and expenses for construction. The screw tip, which is a main part of a pile, is made of carbon steel. 25L-35L. The screw tip is welded to the shaft of a pile by means of arc welding thus allowing keeping the mechanical characteristics stable and enabling welding seal strength.

The piles with screw tips are installed into the ground by means of the “Ural” truck mounted pile-installing machines made by Metallist JSC.

: 0 pcs.

Total weight: 0.000 tonnes

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