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Large-scale production of screw piles

In the year of 2007 we were successful in launching the manufacture of screw piles. It’s a very interesting kind of production as screw piles  greatly reduce financial expenses and the time for laying of the foundation of country houses, power transmission poles, radio masts, bridges, overhead roads and many other purpose-made constructions. It will take you a few days only to lay of the foundation if you use screw piles. Screw piles are very effective, and there is no necessity to perform ground works. It is quite possible to erect a foundation on screw piles and as a matter of fact, on an uneven and undeveloped land.

Screw piles are impossible to replace when erecting low-rise houses. They have considerable load capacity both for compression pressure and pulling load. Screw piles can be applicable to all kinds of soil, except for rocky soil.
They have considerable load capacity as the soil between the screw turns doesn’t become loosened but, on the contrary, the screw blades firm the soil when the screw pile is being screwed in.
The builders that erect power transmission poles, including street lighting lines, pipelines, and pumping units have already evaluated the full significance and advantages of screw piles.

It is worthwhile to say that while using screw piles it is possible to lay of the foundation in close proximity to buildings, and also to extend existing working area.

Many of our customers see that the usage of screw piles makes it possible to:
- gain considerable saving of construction materials,
- essentially reduce labor costs,
- settle environmental problems far better. 

Until recently, mass use of screw piles was restricted as there was no manufacturer of screw pile tips. But our Company has successfully arrived at the solution of this engineering problem.

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